Laurie Lewin

Singer-songwriter and performer - plays guitar, bass, keyboards

Apart from producing his own music, Laurie manages the Voices Around The World Project, which has been running successfully since 2011.

Short Bio

Laurie wrote his first song aged 10 and has never stopped writing since. Short time early on working pro but realised it wasn’t going to pay the rent. Always somehow kept playing and writing alongside working in education. Worked as a session bass player with different folk names and cabaret artists - Dis Disley Quintet, Johnny Silvo, Noel Murphy, Harvey Andrews, White on Black. After years spent working and playing in Germany, Cyprus, Africa, New York, Dubai, Bahrain and Oman now settled in Devon and focusing on music production and writing in a small studio just outside Totnes and directing the Voices Around The World Charity music project.

Main Influences

Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Stones, James Taylor, Bob Marley, The Eagles, Chris Rea, Coldplay.

Live Performance Work

Cambridge Folk Festival and many smaller gigs around UK, Germany, Cyprus and Dubai. A few appearances on UK local TV and Radio, some work on BFBS Cyprus and a recent notable appearance on Gabarone FM Radio in Botswana!

The Funny Stuff

Walking home from a late night gig in Moenchengladbach at around 2am. We came across an old guy, who was a bit the worse for wear waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to change to green but it was clearly stuck on red. Not a car in sight but we couldn't persuade him to cross the road! Maybe he is still standing there today! This later turned into a song ' Waiting For The Green Man' due out on our next album.

Our overworked drummer in a band in Bahrain falling asleep in the middle of a number. The bass player managed to give him a kick and he woke up and came back in right on beat!

A member of our folk band falling off the back of the Curium Greek Amphitheatre stage during a performance in Cyprus. It was a long drop down a small cliff but, amazingly he wasn't hurt - some say because he was well 'anaesthetised.'

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